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We save members money and time, and deliver delightful experiences with every purchase. We enable merchants and brands to engage our members to grow effectively.

Grow, together

ShopBack was founded in Singapore in 2014, to make shopping more rewarding, delightful, and accessible.

We offer smart shopping experiences to users in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, while helping brands and retailers in the region increase outreach and engage shoppers.

With ShopBack Pay, we now extend our platform’s offerings into financial services, providing shoppers with more convenient payment options.

ShopBack through the years

Explore some of the key events in the history of ShopBack.


The beginning - Singapore

Henry Chan and Joel Leong were toying with business ideas in Henry's car. One idea was to devise a smarter way to shop, starting with the concept of giving online Cashback. They soon gathered a team into a hotel room and, a weekend of labour later, we got our first prototype.


Sharing the joy with our neighbours

ShopBack entered Malaysia and Philippines in 2015, and Indonesia in 2016.


Beyond South East Asia, going in-store

In 2017, ShopBack entered Thailand and Taiwan. In 2018 we started bringing the small wins to Australia and introduced Cashback at physical stores.


Growth, growth, growth

Having closed a fresh funding round in Q1 of 2020, we made moves into South Korea and Vietnam during the year. By this time, we're bringing smarter shopping to a total of 9 countries.


Payment focus

An integral part of the shopping experience is payments. ShopBack acquired buy now pay later (BNPL) provider hoolah late 2021, and in 2022 launched ShopBack Pay and PayLater.


Landing in Hong Kong with a new look

As we move past the halfway mark of 2022, ShopBack is updating its identity to more consistently reflect our values and personality. This coincides with our launch in Hong Kong.


Exploring Europe via Germany

One year ahead of our 10th anniversary, ShopBack launched in Germany as we feel our way into Europe. Look out for ShopBack in more European markets!


ShopBack is now live in 11 markets and continues to grow.

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ShopBack values

ShopBack values
Succeed as one

We win and lose as one. We may disagree at times, but to get there, we always commit 200%.

Honour our customers

And so it goes…“Came for the deals, stayed for the wins.” We obsess over earning ShopBack users' trust, and making their shopping experience a delight over and over again.

Own the problem

When taking matters into your own hands is the right thing to do - quick iteration beats slow perfection. Think actionable, constructive and long term solutions that are built for scale.

Pave new roads

There's no leeway for mediocrity, we're all-in on proactive improvements, useful product ideas and innovation and solutions that simplify.

Be better every day

Mix in a drop of humility, self-awareness, an open mind to give and receive positive feedback and the courage to own up to our mistakes.

Always curious

As the world changes, our understanding of it needs to evolve. We challenge assumptions and are ready to change our minds. Data is nothing without our curiosity to discover what it means.

Can't is not an option

Grit, remaining calm under pressure and never being afraid to ask ‘why not’ are part of our DNA. We go all out to build a better ShopBack.

Keep it real

We're big on authenticity and keeping our word. We give feedback with good intentions and treat everyone with respect.

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