• Full Time Roles



    • Help lead a team of front-line support representatives to provide world-class support to our customers
    • Partner with the entire team to convert initiatives into policies which will have a positive impact on our customers
    • Ensure our customer service teams deliver high-quality performance
    • Develop a comprehensive and aligned strategic marketing plan to drive awareness, customer acquisition, and retention
    • Manage and be responsible marketing teams in campaign creation and execution
    • Collaborate with the online marketing team to optimize channel performance of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and network campaigns 
    • Work closely with the Growth Manager of ShopBack Thailand, as well as cross-functional Marketing team, PR, etc. to provide/execute advertising strategy.
    •  Determines annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing advertising strategies; analyzing trends and results.
    •  Maintains sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current and changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors.
    • Consult global brands and their media agencies on media planning, budget allocation and optimization of each marketing channels. Use data/reports to make presentations and recommendations to clients.
    • Drive marketing & campaign innovations with global brands through engagement activities, new customers acquisition and customer retention. 
    • Manage a team of 4 marketing solutions managers who have 1-3 years of experience.
    • Managing onsite content and merchant pages, as well as ensuring campaigns are executed seamlessly.
    • Conducting extensive market research in order to identify new opportunities to experiment and best practices to implement. 
    • Use data to analyse campaign performance to derive insights to drive meaningful improvements.
    • Assist with integration for new merchants 
    • Assisting with merchant-related customer service queries
    • Set up Commission Tables, and update any changes (e.g. tacticals, new commissions)
    • Maintaining a deep relationship with editors, journalist and reporters
    • Preparing press releases, media kits, speeches for company leaders, publicity materials, promotional videos etc
    • Organising and overseeing events such as press conferences, exhibitions, and award ceremonies
    • Develop, lead, and execute original, innovative, and strategically-sound creative concepts and ideas across the full range of design communication channels 
    • Lead, mentor, and set design thinking process as well as direction of creative campaigns across various platforms 
    • Push the creative boundaries and standards of the team by producing high quality disruptive creatives and content 
    • Collaborate with the Country General Manager and Regional Operations Lead to design structures, job roles, and talent management processes to drive business strategy.
    • Act as a single point of contact for employees in ShopBack Thailand
    • Analyze a broad range of HR data to identify valid insights, and convert these insights into recommendations the business can use to make decisions. Collaborate with line managers to improve employee engagement.
  • Internships

    • Work as part of the Creative team producing high-quality artwork across multiple touch points, including digital, mobile/app and print 
    • Adapt existing layouts to different formats 
    • Work on multiple projects of varying complexities, meet your deadlines and support your team members to meet theirs 
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