• Full Time Roles



    • Maintaining a deep relationship with editors, journalist and reporters
    • Preparing press releases, media kits, speeches for company leaders, publicity materials, promotional videos etc
    • Organising and overseeing events such as press conferences, exhibitions, and award ceremonies
    • Plan and implement activities/campaigns provided by partners to increase website traffic and enhance conversion. (Partners: e-commerce platforms and brand e-commerce)
    • Plan regular activities/campaigns and arrange resources to achieve corporate goals
    • Plan and implement projects, such as the annual plan of e-commerce and budget allocation to achieve the goals
    • To work with campaign teams to aid in the curation of store page content and to ensure accuracy, quality, and legitimacy of content
    • Ensure all onsite assets are set up correctly, on time and up to date
    • Support and ensure smooth and timely campaign execution
    • Develop, lead, and execute original, innovative, and strategically-sound creative concepts and ideas across the full range of design communication channels 
    • Lead, mentor, and set design thinking process as well as direction of creative campaigns across various platforms 
    • Push the creative boundaries and standards of the team by producing high quality disruptive creatives and content 
    • Own CS onboarding and ongoing training from start to finish: develop strategy, build and maintain materials, and lead training sessions 
    • Reviewing CSAT surveys and NPS feedback to identify issues in CS Team behavior and/or customers pain points
    • Review quality of work performed by CS Team through live monitoring and use of chat and tickets transcripts 
    • Helping customers to perform basic problem solving and tracking problems from beginning to end with fast and professional processes 
    • Helping customers through chat and email channels
    • Coordinate with related parties to provide assistance in solving customer problems 
  • Internships

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