• Full Time Roles


    Product, Engineering, Design, Data

    • Perform code reviews of each other’s PRs to ensure correctness and maintain software quality
    • Collaborate daily to deploy valuable features frequently
    • Plan, design and build features that empower our business and delivers impact to our customers
    • Manage and ensure the AWS RDS MySQL and Postgres platforms are always available, fast and highly scalable to accommodate unprecedented demand
    • Monitor and update security the databases and its data: this will include user management, permissions, and encryption
    • Build stable, performing and highly available applications for shoppers, merchants and operators
    • Work with web and mobile engineers to design and build APIs to provide meaningful user experiences
    • Code with the ability to scale with large data in near real-time. 
    • Small and Big Data modeling work: Python, Scala, Spark
    • Production deployment of Data Science Solution
  • Commercial

    • Drive the overall growth, business development and partnerships with stakeholders and business partners.
    • Lead, empower, and mentor your team to bring about growth and development for the business unit
    • Be accountable for the business unit’s overall performance and P&L.
    • This is a role with our latest product : ShopBack GO - a brand new initiative that helps customer earns Cashback in the offline world, and allowing merchants to execute marketing initiatives effectively and efficiently
    • To be part of a new team in driving our business development efforts in ShopBack GO
    • To establish and execute the company’s plan in acquiring merchant partners
    • Build and optimize on onboarding process to facilitate discovery of products and services, leading to the eventual activation of new users
    • Establish meaningful touchpoints along the customer journey in order to recommend complementary merchants and drive meaningful follow up actions
    • Work closely with business stakeholders in each country to run tactical campaigns that drive key business metrics
    • Oversee regional Finance teams for Finance Operations and compliance matters.
    • Responsible for setting up of Finance function for new geographical markets and/or business units.
    • In charge of group consolidation and inter-office reporting matters in compliance with SFRS and Group policies.
    • Manage compliance policies related to the Payment Services Act including anti-money laundering regulations, cyber hygiene and technology risk requirements and audit and statutory returns   
    • Develop and implement an effective legal compliance program, including performing the necessary AML and KYC requirements on ShopBack’s merchant partners
    • Draft and revise company policies
    • Solution selling: Account growth. Always be looking for new ways to develop, grow, and broaden the relationship with key clients.
    • Cultivate strong long-standing business-client relationships through regular check-ins and by analyzing performance metrics, understanding clients’ objectives and subsequently suggesting the right tools/mechanics to drive value for clients' businesses
  • Internships

    • Fully own and manage newsletter communications for 1-2 countries
    • Develop content management strategy to efficiently allocate exposure of merchants across countries and verticals
    • Curate, deliver and test newsletter content, constantly calibrating best practices that can be applied across the region
    • Planning schedules, writing and editing articles across various categories including but not limited to electronics, food, lifestyle and shopping tips for Singapore and Malaysia readers
    • Collaboration with other teams (Marketing, Campaigns, Graphic Design, CRM etc) to support ongoing campaigns with blog content
    • Performing keyword research and competitive site analysis
    • Conceptualize, implement, and execute end-to-end campaigns to drive growth
    • Collaborate with multiple channel owners to develop and execute effective strategies for customer acquisition and user engagement
    • Optimise, monitor and manage various user platforms and create effective campaigns to drive platform engagement
    • Help to coordinate, prepare and set up all marketing communications as per the marketing calendar

    • Brief in asset requests to Graphic Designers and managing deliverables and timelines

    • Copywriting will be necessary for promotional communications (e.g. app notifications,

      social media, email, etc.)

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