Full Time Roles

    • Plan, manage and execute long-term strategies for driving digital ad sales with brands and agencies.
    • Consult global brands and their media agencies on media planning, budget allocation and optimization of each marketing channels. Use data/reports to make presentations and recommendations to clients.
    • Forge relationships with key decision-makers within the brands and advocate ShopBack’s advertising offerings.
    • Design and develop ShopBack ID awareness campaigns and incorporate products and features.
    • Create Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for ShopBack products and features, including but not limited to market segmentation and positioning, defining Target Audience, formulating message house, and media mix.
    • Design and execute experiments related to ShopBack's products, features, and customer funnel.
    • Create detailed business plans to facilitate the attainment of goals and quotas.
    • Manage the entire sales cycle from finding a client to securing a deal.
    • Unearth new sales opportunities through networking and turn them into long term partnerships.
    • Present products to prospective clients.
    • Provide professional after-sales support.
    • Provide effective administrative support to ensure the work process in the BD department runs smoothly.
    • Set up commercial term which include commission, cashback, contracts, deal, upsizes during campaign period.
    • Prepare invoices and quotation to merchants.
    • Coordinating and arranging client events, meetings, appointments, and conferences.
  • Internships

    • Conceptualize, implement, and execute end-to-end campaigns to drive growth;
    • Collaborate with multiple channel owners to develop and execute effective strategies for customer acquisition and user engagement;
    • Optimise, monitor and manage various user platforms and create effective campaigns to drive platform engagement;
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