• Full Time Roles



    • Conceptualize, develop and monitor end-to-end campaign execution. 
    • Managing multiple promotional communication channels such as push notification, in apps notification, onsite notification, banner and SMS, etc.
    • Collect and analyzing data to inform new campaigns & the evaluation of existing campaigns.
    • Brief and oversee the work of internal stakeholders, such as designers, merchants, and ad-sales team, who will deliver much of the campaign activity.  
    • Work closely with other stakeholders (paid marketing, partnerships, community, social media, CRM, product as well as various regional teams) to develop effective strategies for new customer acquisition and user engagement through marketing campaigns.
    • End-to-end planning, development, implementation and coordination of marketing ideas.
    • Negotiate local media buying deals to complement with regional online marketing effort.
    • Create a partnership strategy in order to achieve the new customer and revenue targets set up by the Head of Business Development.
    • Acquire new partners, develop new partnerships ideas, maintain the relationships with existing partners by securing their support in order to achieve the targets, for instance a collaboration with banking, telecom companies,  or any other potential industries to collaborate with. 
    • Develop new partnerships ideas / projects, including co-branding, co-marketing, or event partnerships. 
  • Internships

    • Update & Optimize content based on SEO best practices.

    • Dealing with blogger in publishing articles.

    • Assist SEO Specialist in executing SEO campaign.


    • Help team to prepare and run partnerships programs and ensure all process aligned with the plan.
    • Collect, analyze data and provide ongoing reports.
    • Create seasonal projects due to division’s needs.
    • Conceptualizing, writing and editing lifestyle articles across various categories including but not limited to travel, food, shopping tips, and electronics for the Indonesia market
    • Collaborate with other teams (Marketing, Campaigns, Graphic Design) to support ongoing campaigns with blog content.
    • Performing keyword research and competitive site analysis.
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