• Full Time Roles



    • Design and execute digital media strategies and drive company growth
    • Collaborate with local marketing teams in campaign creation and execution
    • Manage and be responsible for channel performance of Naver, Kakao, Daum, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, network campaigns and etc
    • Lead analysis of partnership status, including scope of opportunity, new customer growth, revenue outcomes, legal considerations, etc.
    • Oversee new customer acquisition through external partnerships in various industries i.e. banks, credit cards, digital service providers, travel, leisure, retail, etc. 
    • Partner with internal teams to create plan for partnership development and expansion
    • Work closely with different internal stakeholders incl. the regional team, align with the business strategy, and make sure all external marketing initiatives are in best practice and in line with corporate business directions
    • Discover new power bloggers and internet café’s/forums by working closely with the agency and make sure SBKR’s brand image stays positive at all times
    • Build and maintain a relevant chatbot flow for the country, its tones of voice and vocabularies.
    • Build and maintain chatbot dataset based on the categories of customers main support requests at the country.
    • Conduct continuous chatbot testing at the country level to ensure it passes the Turing Test.

    Graphic Designer (12-months Contract)

    • Work as part of the Creative team producing high-quality artwork across multiple touchpoints, including digital, mobile/app and print.
    • Develop design concepts and have the ability to work an idea across multiple campaign touchpoints, bringing the work to life.
    • Follow the right design processes, guidelines, and adapt existing templates to different formats.
    • Be part of the marketing team to support and execute marketing campaigns 
    • Work closely with the business development team to upload content for our merchant partners 
    • Produce campaign mechanic/campaign page layouts to optimize customer experience and maximize sales potential based on various factors i.e. analyzing and identifying best-selling SKUs and voucher codes.
  • Internships

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