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Vincent Wong

Head - ShopBackGO

· ShopBack People

In this series of ShopBack People, we speak to ShopBackers who previously carved out their own paths as entrepreneurs. What inspired them to join us? How is life as an entrepreneur different from working at ShopBack? Read on to find out their stories!

For our first feature of ShopBack People, we spoke to Vincent Wong. After 2.5 years as Country General Manager helping more Singaporeans discover The Smarter Way to shop online,

Vincent is now leading the ShopBackGO* team, bringing great deals to customers offline in the F&B space. Yes, you heard us right foodies! 🥘😋🍔

"ShopBack is constantly challenging the status quo.. As a company, we are always thinking about pushing the envelope and evolving."

Hey Vincent! Tell us more about you and where you’re from.
I was with Groupon for 4.5 years. After which, I left to start my own commerce business in 2014 within the eCommerce and logistic management space. During the 2.5 years in business operation, we managed to raise over 1 million dollars.

How did you come across ShopBack?
After winding down my business, I started exploring opportunities and was headhunted by a recruiter. I originally applied for the Regional Head of Operations role, but the Country General Manager role opened up and I thought, why not!

What made you decide to join ShopBack?
Henry (CEO) was actually 30 minutes late for the interview *laughs*. The first impression was obviously so-so... But what impressed me during the interview was that he wasn’t as interested in what I did in the past, but was very keen on understanding my thought processes and what I understood about ShopBack.

What sealed the deal for me was the way entrepreneurship was done here. The pragmatism of the business model makes it very sustainable, and the team was aggressive and knew what it took to run a business.

How does working in ShopBack compare with your time running your own business?
There are definitely more resources here, I am not just talking about financial resources but also talent resources as well. This truly empowers one with the confidence to innovate and think out of the box. Anyone with a great idea can bring it up to the bosses and have a "sparring session" on the viability of the idea - if it's good, resources can be carved out to work to turn the idea into reality.

What are some learning points from your entrepreneurial days, and how has it shaped your work at ShopBack?
Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything. Anyone can have ideas, but what matters is the action that follows after that.

Running my own business also changed my paradigm about what a KPI is; as a leader, the measure of a successful KPI is not just what my team achieves, but how we are contributing to the success of the company and the eCommerce ecosystem as a whole.

In your opinion, how does ShopBack's culture foster innovation and ownership?
ShopBack is very transparent as a company (#KeepItReal), with monthly Townhall meetings that align everyone across regions and all levels. More interestingly, every single person in the company is privy to the company's daily performance, which is quite unique!

The leaders are also very accessible and willing to bounce off ideas to you as equals. For instance, I have been in many meetings where both the CEO, co-founders, interns and new joiners were present — what fascinated me was how debates are done equally and anyone has the same liberty to contribute ideas. Such debates have led to a few product creations and noteworthy ideas, such as our recent foray into the O2O space through ShopBackGO.

ShopBackGO's first Free Flow Forty-Five event at Timbre+

Happy ShopBackGO users at our first Free Flow Forty-Five event at Timbre+!

It's been about 2.5 years since you joined ShopBack, how has things changed what still excites you?
From initially leading the local marketing team to now heading the offline business unit, what keeps me excited is the fact that ShopBack is constantly challenging the status quo.

We are re-inventing how online cash back is currently being done in different ways; whether it’s a new feature (e.g. comparisons), a new vertical, or new product (e.g. ShopBackGO). As a company, we are always thinking about pushing the envelope and evolving. That is what has enabled us to stay ahead of the game!

*Eat. Drink. Earn Cashback. ShopBackGO rewards customers when they dine out at over 500 restaurants. Spoilt for choice? So are we 😉 Check us out here:
Managing an F&B business and keen to join get access to 750,000 diners in our community? Email us at

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