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Summer Snippets of

Southeast Asian Sightseers

Singapore . Malaysia . Philippines . Indonesia

· ShopBack Insights

This summer, we took a look at ShopBack’s Southeast Asian travellers’ records to unearth five interesting observations. These are gathered from travellers based in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

1) Top three popular destinations

Japan emerged as the top travel destination for Singaporeans. The rest of Southeast Asian travellers appeared to prefer domestic trips — with Malaysia as Malaysians’ favoured destination, Philippines as Filipinos’ favoured destination and Indonesia as Indonesians’ favoured destination.

2) Propensity of meeting fellow countrymen overseas

We noticed that an average traveller will have a higher chance of bumping into Singaporeans in Bangkok, Thailand as compared to other cities. That could be related to Singaporeans’ love for shopping — a trait proudly worn as a badge of honour!

3) Not-so-well-known destinations

We looked across the board and discovered some lesser-known destinations that Southeast Asians are travelling to, such as Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and Montenegro in Europe. We also scoured the net to find out where’s good for what type of travellers. If you’re looking for an alternative sunbathing spot, try Seychelles in East Africa next time.

4) How much people spend on holiday accommodation

Singaporeans splurged twice as much as Malaysians when it comes to accommodation expenditure. Think about how much more you could do to further enrich your holiday if you chose to spend just a little less on accommodation. Perhaps indulge in a fancier sashimi dinner, or take an extra dive to swim with the exotic fishes.

5) Avoid travel booking during these busy hours

Apparently, most Singaporeans came to their travel decisions post-working hours and pre-sleeping hours. Filipinos and Indonesians conceptualised their travel plans slightly earlier in the day, starting from about 4PM.

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